BIRDIELEX SAS has developed a significant expertise in Commercial Law, in Labor Law and in Public service Law. In these three areas, BIRDIELEX SAS provides counseling and representation in litigation before all courts throughout France.

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Commercial Law

Commercial Law covers all the interactions arising between traders (individuals or corporations) or relating to a trading activity, per se or by incident.
Commercial Law deals with a wide rang of business situations :

  • The drafting or the performance of unique legal agreements (ex. a sales agreement ; a commercial lease),
  • Business partners relationship,
  • Determination of contractual liability extent (ex. General Terms and Conditions),
  • Monitoring of a business litigation ;
  • Intellectual property of the company; 
  • Bankruptcy proceedings. 

Public Service Law

Public service Law covers interactions between, on one hand, main public service actors, i.e State public service (ministries ; public bodies), Local public service (Regions ; municipalities) or Hospital public service and, on the other hand, its agents (official, contractual or functional posts) or its users.
With rare exceptions, the dispute generated by these interactions is legally assigned to the administrative courts.

Labor Law

Employment Law monitors the relationship between, on one hand, an employer (public or private) and, on the other hand, employees covered by the Civil Law and, as such, are subject to the Labor Code.
Issues arisen by both of these actors’ interactions (employer vs employee) are numerous and are relating, for instance, to :

  • The drafting of an employment contract ;
  • Working time ;
  • Remuneration ;
  • Employees representation body ;
  • Employees monitoring limits ;
  • Employees’ Health and Safety ;
  • Alert mechanism ;
  • Dispute relating to termination of an employment contract.
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