BIRDIELEX has developed a strong expertise in Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Labor Law. In these three areas, BIRDIELEX provides consulting and representation before all courts throughout France.

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Commercial Law

  • Négociation et rédaction de contrats ;
  • CGV et CGA ; 
  • Baux (commerciaux, professionnels, convention d’occupation) ; 
  • Location gérance ; 
  • Propriété intellectuelle de l’entreprise ; 
  • Corporate Law 

Criminal Law

  • Voluntary attendance interview
  • Police custody
  • Legal investigation
  • French version of the « guilty plea » procedure
  • Audience devant le Juge des libertés et de la détention
  • Hearing before the freedom and detention Judge
  • Hearing before the Criminal court.

Labor Law

  • Negotiation and drafting of employment contracts (indefinite-term employment contracts, fixed-term employment contracts, apprenticeship contracts); 
  • Setting up of staff representatives; 
  • Negotiation and drafting of collective company’s agreements; 
  • Assistance to human resources Department; 
  • Implementation and follow-up of the disciplinary procedure; 
  • Management of individual (employees) and collective (staff representatives) litigation; 
  • Relationship with the Social Securty Charges Collector Body and the Labor Inspection. 
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