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The fees are determined in a written fee agreement signed between BIRDIELEX and the client. This agreement indicates the mission entrusted to the firm as well as the amount of the fee.

Two types of fees can be applied depending on the nature of the case : a hourly rate (time-based fee) or a flat rate (flat-based fee).

In general, the flat rate is applied in cases where the foreseeable duration is difficult to determine.

In the case of litigation before the Labour Court or any other Civil, Administrative or Commercial Court, the lawyer's remuneration is set at a fixed rate.

This fixed rate is generally accompanied by a result fee of at least 10% (excluding taxes) of the gain obtained by the client. On this point, it must be reminded that the lawyer’s remuneration cannot be only based on a result fee (article 10 of the 91-647 of 10 July 1991 legal provisions).

Apart from these assumptions, a time-based fee can be applied on the basis of an hourly rate. This hourly rate is often better suited to a specific task whose duration can be determined in advance.

Contact BIRDIELEX to obtain a proposal for a fee agreement.

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